All donations made would be judiciously utilized and the donor informed of how his/her donation was utilised if so requested.

Partners and Sponsors

Sponsor a Project

Projects sponsors and partners may include individuals, companies, NGOs, or international agencies who are interested in providing project support for our foundation. Contributions can be in-kind support, for example the donation of computers for our vocational training centers or agricultural tools. For more information or a list of current project that need sponsors and partners,

FIRUD FOUNDATION is providing sponsorship opportunities for Manufactures and Distributors that wish to support .

Our mission has been to turn the youth around by improving their self-confidence. Allowing them to learn at their own pace, focusing on basic important skills as well as advance techniques, and making learning desirable, enjoyable and profitable.


How can you help FIRUD FOUNDATION

 Wears(babies ND youth),used computers,Agricuture equipment,office equipment,toys,and food stuff.

The objectives of advertising and partnering with the FIRUD FOUNDATION is not only to help support the mission of the organisation,but also to drive traffic to your business, and ultimately increase your sales.

What you’ll receive from the FIRUD FOUNDATION

• Sophisticated, description from our instructor of your products.
• Distribution of catalogs and literature of your company to everyone
• Logo in our website as a sponsor with a link to your website. This gives the people an opportunity to know whom our partners are.
• Free advertisement / banners /ads in our website

Additional advertising opportunities:

• Banners ads with links are placed in the in the home page/s of our web site
• E-Newsletter is sent out monthly via email, distributed at workshops, special event.

We look forward to your partnership and commitment to the organization.  

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring

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